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There was a time when men were dapper, dressing well from head to toe even during the most casual occasions. And, it’s been the necktie that remains an essential part of a man's dress code. A tie unites every part of a man's outfit. It gives instant respectability. It’s the ultimate symbol of individuality. North by South is a brand born from a desire to share this ideal of days gone by with a younger generation of both gentlemen and ladies. To create apparel that matches their lifestyle, challenges convention, elevates everyday attire, and allows for opportunities to express personal style.

Our products merge t-shirts – the preferred casual style of today – with a chest pocket, custom fashioned from neckties. These "Tie Pocket Tees" give our customers that "feel good" confidence one gets when dressing up to the nines, and they catch people's attention and compliments. The combinations of colors and patterns we offer range from traditional to the most current trends. They’re the colors that reflect and remind you of your school, organization, hometown, or favorite team. The unique design and manufacturing process of our shirts are exclusive to North by South, with legal protection under a patent.

But our brand is about more than just business. Our hope with this brand is to provide a source of positivity, individuality, kindness, and confidence. So wear your tie pocket tees with pride and let's spread this message together!


North by South is the creation of a serial entrepreneur, Matt Aronson. Matt was born in Greensboro, North Carolina, and raised in Southern style and tradition. But with family ties to Boston and a college career at Georgetown University in Washington DC, Matt became inspired to blend the laid-back luxury of the South with the cutting-edge class of the North. In creating these "Tie Pocket Tees," Matt partnered with Salem Neckwear – a great local business operated by the Trogdon brothers in Randleman, NC. Their steady commitment has produced “North by South”—the only way to look good while dressing down.