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#WishYouKnew Challenge

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The pillars of the North by South brand are kindness, positivity, and self-confidence. Through our patented tie pocket tees, we like to say that we take the "feel good" confidence of formal clothes and bring it to everyday casual clothing.

People often struggle with self-confidence and get stuck in focusing on the negatives, instead of finding the positive qualities in themselves and others. Oftentimes, the key to unlocking self-confidence lies in the simple act of giving and receiving unexpected compliments. This is why we created the #WishYouKnew challenge.


Instructions for the #WishYouKnew challenge:

1) Choose a close friend or family member

2) Select a favorite picture with both of you in it

3) Post that picture on Instagram and/or Facebook, tag them, and include in the caption what you wish they knew about themselves – could be an effect they’ve had on your life, something you admire about them, or any other compliment

4) Lastly, tag 3 other friends in the caption to challenge them to do the same for one of their friends or family members


Imagine it’s like making a post for your friend on his or her birthday, except you are making the post on a random day so that your kind words and compliments offer an unexpected boost of self-confidence for them!